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Orishiki Designs

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Today I'm featuring Orishiki Designs...

Ori - referring to Origmai (Japanese folding art)
Shiki - referring to a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is large enough to wrap and transport goods and gifts, as well as wearing them as scarves.

“ORISHIKI” is a new carrying device consisting of a single piece of two dimensional structure, constructed of triangular segments which can be folded like origami, and can wrap things like furoshiki.

Orishiki Clutch Hand Bag:

Watch it in action:

The geometric bag is not only idiosyncratic in its appearance but also in its highly specialized production process. 

Inner frame design:

Orishiki Glasses Case:

& for the coolest one..... 
The Orishiki Suitcase:
The creation process... so awesome!  They just make a mold, press, & cut! 

Orishiki is a wheeling case with a hard, faceted shell. Sleek, functional, and anonymous, the exterior allows it to pass through the hubbub of global cities while protecting and concealing the interior: a sculpturally personalized, soft layer of exquisitely patterned silk.

It's not just about the Modern look of this suitcase. It's the multi-functionality as well! 
Check this out!!! You can unfold it and hang it up wherever you go with it! Everything is secure & stashed away in the many compartments of this suitcase. 

At home or in a hotel room, you open Orishiki by unfolding a continuous surface onto which specific clothes and other necessities are affixed and organized to create a rich and textured modular wall tapestry. When your stay is over, you don’t “pack,” but simply fold up the wall tapestry and your vessel is ready for the voyage ahead!
Conceptually, Orishiki is about transporting a slice of home to an alien environment: superimposing familiarity onto foreignness.
p.s. In the last diagram, I like how they show her in her bathrobe & slippers for the nighttime!! hahaha 

Its construction out of shiny triangular facets are like arrangement of mirrors which scintillate as it moves, to create a curious and engaging metaphor for travel.
I want one!!!!!

What Orishiki plans on doing in the future: 

Orishiki has been featured in: 

I think it would be awesome if these started coming in many different colors as well.  

What do you think?? Do you like these designs? What attracts you more... the functionality or the unique look? 

{Images & Products via Designer Naoki Kawamoto}

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