Monday, March 25

8 Stunning Bathrooms - Guest Blogger!

Hello, everyone! I'm Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a great online place to find lots of interior design inspiration including fabulous lighting ideas from bathroom light fixtures to buffet lamps. I'm so happy to be visiting with you here at the lovely Modernity Collective with a guest post about stunning modern bathrooms.

I've pulled together some of my favorite sleek modern designs to inspire your dreams of creating a stunning bath for your home. Please enjoy!
Stunning Bathroom

Sleek and stylish, this modern bathroom is a stunning mix of wood and stone. The narrow unframed mirror intersects beautifully with a long inset wood shelf. No clutter here with decorative objects kept to a bare minimumóthe perfect design decision.
Stunning Bathroom

Chocolate brown and pure white make for a stunning color combination in this thoroughly modern and totally functional bath. I love the gorgeous mix of tiles used throughout the space.
Stunning Bathroom

With an appealing Asian feel, this bathroom retreat is a beautiful blend of sleek modern fixtures, warm wood elements and glass tiles in cool gray.
Stunning Bathroom

Against a gray honed limestone backsplash and charcoal bedazzled walls, this seamless blue limestone cabinet and sink is quite dramatic. A single contemporary glass pendant light in amber glass hangs on either side of the sink.
Stunning Bathroom

Taking open concept living in an unexpected direction, this airy bedroom/bathroom is light-filled and lovely. With a nod to practically, the carpeted bedroom space gives way to stone in the bath.
Stunning Bathroom

A pure white bath is stunning with chunky built-in open storage and large vessel sink. A tall slender mirror is unexpected but works well in the space. Creamy fabric baskets add a slightly rustic feel.
Stunning Bathroom

This stylish modern bathroom has a decidedly masculine feel imparted by dark wood cabinets, sleek mirrors and mini pendant lights.
Stunning Bathroom

Today's final stunning bath is a glitzy powder room from designer Jamie Herzlinger. Silvery mosaic tiles run from the floor up the walls and onto the ceiling. It seems the designer agrees that powder rooms offer the perfect opportunity to go all out and create tiny jewel box spaces with over the top finishings. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these bathroom designs? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to visit our website for more home decor, lighting, and interior inspirations!

Friday, February 1

The World Inside Us

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I want to experiment more with this type of blending photograph art.  I love how putting multiple elements together can create something so dramatically different than the original.  

Sunday, January 13

Lucy McRae Directing Debut Video

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Film Friday is finally back with an interesting video by body architect, Lucy McRae.  This is her directing debut for a colorful & crazy dance clip for Australian synth-pop group, Rat Vs Possum

So what did you think of that one?! :) This is the first I have heard of this group & I enjoy their sound a lot.

Wednesday, January 9

Furniture with Built-in Book Storage

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Ransa is a creative sofa designed by Younes Duret. The book storage on the base gives the sofa the impression of levitating above the books.  You can lie down, relax, & have your favorite authors at your fingertips.  

The Bookseat by Fishbol, is a simple bookcase that playfully curves and becomes a seat.

{via Fishbol}

Judson Beaumont's ‘Hollow’ chair; Creative space saving!
You can put just about anything in that space! Decorative items, use it a bookshelf, pet bed, kids toys... the possibilities are endless! 

{via Hometone}

Would you use any of these built-in storage pieces of furniture?  I like the organization concept and always have items at your fingertips! :) 

Monday, January 7

Take me to Cloud City

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Cloud City. 

Tomás Saraceno exhibit, entitled “Cloud Cities,” consists of twenty bubbles suspended in a hangar in Germany. Many of the spheres are large enough to be entered by visitors who may bounce, roll, jump. lay, & imagine themselves in a different world whilst in these transparent bubbles.  A criss-crossing network of cables keeps the giant balloons aloft.  Guests feel as they are floating.  I'd like this exhibit to come to America!


{pics via Architizer}

Thursday, December 6


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How to keep warm while maintaining modernity & style in your home at the same time.  Here are some incredible designs by Italian designer Antrax

 "Bubble" (wall-mounted version)
 "Bubble" (ceiling mounted version)

My personal favorite of these is the "Bubble" that can be found in over 200 colors!! You can match any decor with this kind of color plethora! 

All of Antraxs' fireplaces are bioethanol powered. 

Which design of fireplace do you prefer the most?

I found so many other awesome fireplaces in my travels & will be posting them later this winter! Stay tuned... & stay warm!! :) 
x.x. Adair

{images via Antrax & StupidDope}

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