Friday, April 1

April Showers Bring... Lavender

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April showers do bring lavender flowers, but they could also bring inspring ideas for new spring Lavender modern decor!!  Here are some ideas to make this beautiful shade work for the home:

 Lavender Tile - Subtle yet effective at the same time

Lavender accents in the bathroom by Italian designer Foster

Lavender accents in carpet mixed with other shades of purple blend great with each other
 {Bath set - Happy by Novella}

Lavender walls offer a delicate background for Modern art

More examples of lavender walls in the home:

Lavender wood accents can be used on desks, cabinets, counters, walls, or drawers - glossy or matte. 
{Kitchen Sets by Cucine Libre}



{this one is more on the pink side, but gives you the idea}

I love this lavender sofa from Eilerson

Awesome lavender chair.  This makes a room interesting! 

Now go grab yourself a cool glass of Lavender Lemonade

take a bite of some Lavender Shortbread

whilst wearing this lavender lipstick?

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
(I think that is taking it a litttteeeeeee overboard! haha)

Enjoy those April Showers and hope they bring some lavender into your home this spring! 

Question for my readers:  Do you enjoy lavender things?  If so, what are they? Looking forward to hearing what you have to share! 

Adair Nicole

{Images by Ian BrittonErasmus TAD France; Images via Digsdigs}
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