Monday, April 25

Light at the end of the tunnel

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Check out these incredibly fun lights by Yanko Design

The Block Lamp
(cord comes in 3 different colors)

Twist Together Lamps
The TwistTogether Lamp is a revolutionary new lighting platform that encourages you to design your own lamp! Individual blocks connect together and illuminate with a simple twist. Many creations are possible from a single set of 4 blocks and when you connect multiple sets together (all on one power supply) your possibilities are almost endless.

You can purchase the wall mount for these as well for only $8.  

See how they work... 

Whatever you TwistTogether, the lamp's enticing glow is the perfect way to add a warm, modern ambience to any room. It is energy efficient too - LEDs provide a safe, low-voltage and long lasting light source while consuming less power than a standard night light.

Also comes in Candy color... 

{Content & Images from Yanko Design Store}

 What do you think of these lights?  
Which one do you like the best? 
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