Friday, April 22

Film Friday Easter Edition

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Alright!! It's Easter time this weekend people!  I really do enjoy this time of year.  Nice weather, decorating eggs, good candy, especially Peeps! & don't worry... not like those cute little ones above. :)  

Here are some videos that are Easter related, but they all aren't kid friendly.  Just a warning!  The second one, isn't for the weak of Easter heart. 

This first one is just a short little clip to get us in the spirit! 

Now this one is for mature Easter audiences only!!!! 

I kinda feel bad for the bunnies but it's so awesome at the same time! 

& this one is just fun!! Great innovative commercial from Sony. 

Which one did you like the best?? 
Send in or share any Easter videos you have! 
I'd love to see them!

Enjoy your weekend & holiday everyone!  I recommend going to an Easter brunch on Sunday!  I love those. 

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