The girl behind the blog....

My name is Adair.  Things I love in life are playing the piano, nude lipstick, a good workout, the color teal, healthy home cooked meals (especially with basil or cilantro!), down-to-earth living, feathers, smart water, indie flicks, hot yoga, silver jewelry, music music music, photography, garage sales, traveling, interior decorating, & scouting out anything new, contemporary, & MODERN!

I was born in San Francisco, CA.  I attended college in Las Vegas, NV where I received my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  I then started a vintage clothing business which opened up many paths for me.  I now am a full-fledged entrepreneur with aspirations that are endless.  

Modern to me is present day, forthcoming design and art of any kind.  My passion is collaborating styles from past eras and making it contemporary, mixing sleek with vintage and all things chic.  Never limiting myself to one style, while maintaining Modernity at the same time.  

I have always been interested in anything modern for as far as I can remember.  In this blog, I am going to share with you not only all my modern finds, but also how I live The Modern Life.  I hope to connect with many others similar to me and above all, hope to inspire you to live The Modern Life as well.

From architecture to fashion to interior decorating to food to every day life occurrences... I vow to share my findings of everything beautiful, eccentric, & above all MODERN.  

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Connect with me at my About.me page!

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