Friday, October 14

You've never seen shoes like this before...

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I guarantee you have never seen footwear concepts like that of Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves...

Chaves thinks beyond what is normal & breaks into an abstract world of fashion that has never existed before... until now. 

"“The Invisible Shoe” has a mirrored surface, creating a deceptively obscured optical effect with every step taken.  The chameleon-like façade blends in perfectly with any environment."

photo by Fernando Biagioni

I particularly like what Chaves calls the "Naked" version of the Invisible Shoe. 
I love the geometric body structure. 

"“The Prism Shoe” is a fascinating structural design that by itself looks like an intricate work of origami – casting beautiful kaleidoscopic shadows against the ground.  Here we can clearly see Chaves’ chaotic - yet orderly - paradox coming to life through her shoe designs, resulting in dramatic silhouette." 

 photos by Ian Murphy

The “Form & Texture Shoe” exhibits a disciplined study of form and material while keeping just enough chaos to stay interesting.  The contradiction here is the seemingly indestructible framework fused with the disorderly arranged leather and sycamore wood cubes.  The contours create a theatrical statement nothing short of impressive.

 photos by Ian Murphy
"Chaves finds it thrilling how each particular material has the power to completely change someone’s vision about a design.  An example for this, she sites, is the idea of a sandal made with simple Velcro strips (see “THE VELCRO SHOE” below) holding the foot, where you can easily change its shape, redesigning it and creating sculptures in air."

 photos by Ian Murphy

“Twirled” (below) was part of a study of optical effect made out of metal & PVC. 
photos by Ian Murphy

{Info & Images via Yatzer & Andreia Chaves}

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