Friday, October 28

Film Friday - Halloween Edition

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The video this week comes from the band Neon Indian.  This music video for their cyber-track "Polish Girl," off their new album Era Extraña, incorporates light painting to tell the story of a disjointed personal journey.  

Neon Indian -Polish Girl from genialus on Vimeo.

"Polish Girl" was directed by Tim Nackashi and produced in collaboration between The Creators Project, Neon Indian, and Mom + Pop Music.

This is related to my Halloween because I'm going to be a Polish Future Girl!!! haha ;-) I'm already a polish girl so the futuristic part is just what I need achieve now!  We'll see if I can pull it off.  Add me on my personal facebook --> Adair Nicole to see if I can make it happen! :) I also want to see what everyone else is doing for Halloween!
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