Tuesday, September 13

Wall-less House

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The Wall-less House by Tezuka Architects

In 2000, Tokyo based architects created this 2,650 square three-story home in Setagaya-ku, one of the 23 special districts of Tokyo, Japan.  The best part of the house is the ground floor level with no walls!

“This large site in a dense residential neighborhood provides a rare opportunity to open the house completely to the landscape and environment, like a retreat villa in the countryside."

"Occupying only 20% of the site, the house leaves ample space around it for a truly open, continuous space, a wall-less house."

"Using a lightweight steel, load bearing frame structure, the axial loads are distributed through only a utility core in the center and two thin columns, therefore opening the living space to the outside completely on all sides."

"The floors thus float in air, surrounded by the trees for greenery and privacy.”

Everything about this looks amazing to me..... MINUS the bug factor.  Not sure how many insects or bugs are in Tokyo, but that's the only issue I would have with this open-air home.  

What do you think?  Do you like this design? 

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