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Yana K - exclusive interview & preview!

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I had the privilege of attending a mixer the other night for the preview of a new line by an incredible designer...
Yana K.  

Yana K (pictured above in one of her own pieces) is bringing her unique designs to Las Vegas!  Originally from Russia, she has now relocated to the Los Angeles area where she opened her first boutique in 2003.  I was honored to be able to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her goals and her line.

Yana is determined to bring new fashion to Las Vegas and expose this melting pot of a city to something brand new and exciting!  She wants to "test the limits."  Inspired by generational businesses such as Coco Chanel, Yana says, “it's all about the perfect time, at the perfect place, in the perfect moment.”  

One goal for her line is to revisit the past in fashion and put her own twist to it.  Yana mentioned that she wants to bring the 60s & 70s retro look back and create designs that make it fashionable to wear a maxi dress to a club but most importantly for ladies to feel glamorous all the time.  Her mission is for all women to feel like celebrities every single time they go out, to feel as if they are starring in their own movie.  

Yana is proud to have her name representing her art.  "At the end of the day, it's your name."  She says that in the past ten years, her clothing line has matured to what it is now.  "Longevity is the key.  Yana K will be here 20 years from now!” she says with strong passion.  She is a perfectionist and this is her craft.  Fashion is a lifestyle for Yana, and her goal is to make women feel more beautiful, feel more passionate, and exude more love.  

I think Las Vegas is ready for this love Yana is offering! <3

As of right now in the Las Vegas area, Yana K's clothes can be purchased at Trump International Tower, C-Level, & Scoop stores.

(Above: Yana with her models in new pieces from the upcoming line)

She also brought along her best friend Taryn Manning!

Here are some of Yana's incredible items off of her Spring 2012 line.  

These prints are so vibrant & vivid.  They exude confidence for women.  

Yana K & I

Taryn & I

Here are some cute pictures of the best friends!

Taryn's rainbow ombre hair!

Time to get the party started!!

including a DJ set from the talented Taryn. 
(have a listen at

Thanks again to the beautiful & inspiring Yana K for the interview and sneak-preview of her new line!

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