Monday, June 6

Modern Wedding Debut!!

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I attended a wedding of two of my good friends this past weekend.  I had so much fun and was so inspired by their choice of wedding accessories that I decided to do a post about it!  

Feathers are certainly the new trend lately, we see them all over.  Especially peacock feathers, but throw it into the wedding mix and you have a new modern spin on things!!  I have never been to a wedding where someone has incorporated feathers into the theme until this last wedding and it looked incredible!  I didn't take many up close pictures at the wedding but did some research on this trend and this is what I found... 

What do you think of this peacock theme?  I, of course, love it since I'm obsessed with wearing all kinds of feathers! :)  

{Images & Content via My Wedding Concierge}

Just wanted to wish my good friends a happy life together! 
Congrats again Leslie & Jacob! 

Here's some pictures from the wedding :) 

 All the bridesmaids had peacock feathers in their hair.  
Some of my best girlfriends & I.  
Polaroid party at the wedding table! :)
Can you see the peacock feathers in her bouquet? :) 

& also one of the cutest wedding videos I've ever seen that was created at their wedding.  You can see I'm a little overly excited when jumping for the bouquet! hahaha 

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