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Acquavilla constructed by Winn Wittman Architecture is located in Austin, Texas.  
It is a renovation of a mid-80's wreck.  
According to the architects, the residence was developed in a way that reflects the whimsical personality of the owner. 
The original facade is enriched by a custom-designed metal panel system with interesting leaf motives. This pattern is reoccurring throughout the property at unique places, such as glass doors or windows. 

The pool- which seems to blend with the nearby lake- is probably this building’s most alluring feature.

                     (notice the leaf motif above on the overhang)
The interiors are highly modern and each room is invaded by light. 

Click below to see more pictures of the interior

 Rainbow floor lighting

 There is a pleasant mix of color, light and shades which gives this home its unique atmosphere and contributes to its overall feminine look.  What did you think of this home?  I think I would have changed some of the furniture choices but the construction is incredible! 

{Images & Content via Freshome & Winn Wittman}
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