Wednesday, June 15

Absolutely FAB!!

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There is a new website that was just launched last Thursday & everything that has been featured thus far is so amazing that I must share the great news with everyone!  

The site is called FAB and it definitely is just that.  Forget your typical designer clothing sales site, this one is all about design!!  From art, to furniture, to cookware, to toys... this site will be for sure to feature things you will enjoy and absolutely need!

They list different designers items at lower prices for a limited time, usually spanning a couple days.  You have to be invited into the site from someone already registered.  You can register through my personal referral link:

You'll be thanking me!  I have posted pictures below of some of the awesome sales going on right now at!  

ENJOY! :) 

Spanish Furniture by Sancal
 Vase by Littala
Cool planters by Planterworx
Geneva Sound Systems
Avant Garde Ring by Kiel Mead
Limited Edition Art Toys by Kidrobot
Whimsical Porcelain by Rust Designs
New York Tea Mug 
 San Francisco Tea Mug

 Andy Warhol Silkscreens
Cutlery by Knork
"Modern One Hand Eating"

In addition, there is a place on the site called Inspiration, where you can upload & share designs that inspire you.  It's a good place to browse for ideas and boost your creativity! 

Let me know how you like the site. :)

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