Tuesday, April 19

Ultra Modern Furniture Inspired by Nature!

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Check out this funky furniture by Designer Kati-Meyer Bruhl.  
Bruhl is inspired by natural forms with an ultra modern twist.  Bruhl's philosophy states that "the overall effect of the sofas and armchairs is that of a quiet, generous modernity, without being severe or harsh."  I think they do indeed achieve just that.   

To show how these natural elements can be displayed in furniture, here are some examples below. 

These sofas and chairs for example are imitating the ups and downs of mountaintops or rolling hills.

These couches are creations inspired from stacked rocks. 

Can you guess what these chairs are inspired by??

 Yup!! You guessed it... Tulips!!  I especially love the gold tulip love seat above! I think these designs are so unique and I like that they encompass natural elements from the earth.  

All of these furniture styles are easy to customize into any environment with a variety of different fabric options.  From extreme neon pink or gold, to taupe or classic white, you can make it work in your home.  

Do you like these designs?  Would you put them in your home? 

{Images & Content via Bruhl}

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