Wednesday, April 13

Who needs stairs??

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Don't we all just love slides?  
{This print can be purchased on Etsy via Urban Pink Photography}

What's not to love? Wind through your hair... a thrill and a get from one destination to the other faster than you would walking... ALL AROUND WIN!

But how much better would it be if these slides were.... IN YOUR HOME!!!!!!!

Yes... built right in to the infrastructure... here are some examples:

 This particular helical slide is built in between two penthouse condos in the East Village NYC by Turett Collabortive Architects
The half-tube stainless steel slide starts on the top floor near the office, and lands below near both the living and dining areas.
 Would certainly get the kids to the dinner table easier AND faster, don't you think? :)
 These kids can just slide on down to the living room to watch some cartoons, after playing upstairs in the bedroom! Must be nice! 
This home above has dueling slides that are large enough for parents to partake in! See layout below:
Concrete Slide that wraps around the outside
This one even has a trap door in the floor with a slide to the next level down! 
& here's actually a slide in hotel in Malaga!  
Late-Check outs probably aren't an issue here. :) 
Amazing right?!
Do you think you would want a slide in your home?  If so, would it be for you or the kids? ;-)

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