Wednesday, April 6

Modern Photography Debut

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I hope my art choices won't be too bold for you & I don't scare you off right from the get-go! :)

Today I'm featuring the amazing modern photographer

 Federico Cabrera
(Cabrera is 30 years old from Argentina & now living in Finland) 

The first segment of photos is titled:

the beautiful
the outrageous
the liar
the gent
the whore
the fake
the crazy
the sad
the bored
the envious 
the critic
and its our silence
what we feel
what we live
how we see
its you and me
to be all we need to be
inside our bubble of dreams
where we can reach out and feel

by Federico Cabrera

Model : Vappu Orvokki
Styling & make-up : Jasmin Mishima / GD
Photography & post-production : Federico Cabrera / GD

The next few photos are from the project:


Model : Pirita / Paparazzi model management
Photography : Federico Cabrera

The mirror that fell, the broken pieces float high, they form a house that will reflect us all to enlighten the path to the dream that we haven’t dreamed yet.

model: Pirita / Paparazzi model management
styling: Jasmin Mishima
photography and post production: Federico cabrera

I find this type of modern art photography to be so unique and appealing to the eye! 
I will be featuring many more projects from the talented Federico Cabrera in the future!

So... what do you think?? I want to hear your thoughts! 
Do you like Cabrera's unique post-production of his photos??

{Images & Content via Gilles Et Dada}
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